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Organization Wing 2 consists of components as follows:
There are 2 helicopter squadrons which are the Squadron 201 (Royal Guard) or the Spider and Squadron 203 or the Scorpion.
The Squadron 201 (Royal Guard)’s mission is serving the transportation to the royal family and air transportation. The on active service helicopters are S-92A, Bell 412 SP and Bell 412 EP.
For Squadron 203, the main mission is searching and rescuing. (COMBAT SEARCH & RESCUE ,RESCUE & RECOVERY and AIR LIFE). The on active service helicopter is UH-1H. Wing 2 also has the nationwide detachments in order to support the RTAF missions and also help the civil affairs.

Administration Section is responsible for administrative service, administration, legendary service and statistic, supervised by the chief of Administration Section.

Logistics Section is responsible for logistics operation, including buildings, airports, land, public utility, and supplies, supervised by the chief of Logistics Section.

Civil Affairs Section is responsible for civil affairs activities, including public relation, photography and video production supervised by the chief of Civil Affairs Section.

Information and Communication Technology Branch is responsible for information and internet system operating and planning, giving the technical advices concerning about computer, supervised by the chief of Information and Communication Technology Branch.

Procurement Branch is responsible for purchasing and hiring and operating under the RTAF regulations for obtaining all supplies, supervised by the Chief of Procurement Branch.

Security Force Battalion is to prepare security and protect for air base, watch over and combat the air strike, also responsible for the airmen, which under the Security Force Battalion Commander.

Technical Division is responsible for the primary and secondary maintenance regarding to the motor engines, aeronautical equipments, armament equipments, electronics equipments and electronics warfare equipments, electronic communications equipments, communication operations, also storing and giving service on fuel. Moreover, making record on fuel consumption and distribution, supervised by the chief of Technical Division

Aeronautical Engineering Section is responsible for the secondary maintenance as its capability, also modifying the aircrafts and aircraft engines, controlling and keeping the aeronautical equipments, supervised by the Chief of Aeronautical Engineering Section.

Communications and Electronics Section is responsible for the communications operations, repairing the ground and air electronic equipments up to the secondary stage, also taking care of communication equipments and computers, supervised by the chief of Communications and Electronics Section.

Armaments Branch is responsible for the secondary stage of repairing and maintaining the ground and air armaments and being in charge with armament supplies, also training the armament officers, supervised by the chief of Armament Branch.

Civil Engineering Section is responsible for civil engineering works, including surveying, planning and specification, assessing construction cost, controlling all constructions under RTAF’s asset, also constructing and maintaining all buildings, electricity, water supply and air-conditioners. In addition, civil engineering section is responsible for runway maintenance, roads, cleaning all areas under RTAF, maintaining all labor-saving devices and civil engineering equipments, also in charge with fire control and rescue, supervised by the Chief of Civil Engineering Section.

Wing 2 Hospital is responsible for treating to officials, airmen, employees, families and other people, also managing the preventive medicine, giving advices about aviation medicine, supervised by the director of Wing 2 Hospital.

Transportation Section is responsible for vehicles services, maintaining all vehicles both in at units and fields, taking and distributing transportation equipments, advising and controlling about transportation academically and technically including mechanics. Moreover, it’s in charge with coordinating with other units about transportation, supervised by the Chief of Transportation Section.

Quartermaster Branch is responsible for providing, collecting, distributing, returning all quartermaster equipments and record books, also catering all feasts, decorating for all ceremonies, supervised by the Chief of Quartermaster Branch.